What We Do



What we do:

Have you outgrown your home now that your family has expanded or do you need to downsize now that your family have grown-up and flown the nest?

Bromyard Builders have extensive knowledge in building single and multi-story extensions as well as building new dwellings/bungalows.


New builds

Do you simply wish to move into a brand-new house? Bromyard Builders will be happy to construct your new home from start to finish.


Do you own a barn or stone/sandstone building that you wish to renovate or convert into a beautiful home with character? Bromyard Builders have converted many buildings/barns and lovingly restored their original unique features into a beautiful home.


At some stage in your life, you will run out of living space in your house. Selling up and moving to a larger home in a new an new area is usually your first thought, but can be a daunting experience. When you move house, you never quite know what you will get into.

Will your new neighbours be as nice as your current neighbours?

Will your new environment be better or worse for your family than your current environment?

Moving could also attract great costs, running into the tens of thousands. If you are happy where you live now, extending you home suddenly becomes a safe alternative

Repairs & Maintenance

Do you need some maintenance work carried out on your property? Bromyard Builders will be happy to carry out quality maintenance work.


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